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Our Team

Merry Go Round Preschool is an independent, charity preschool run by a passionate team of staff and committee members, all of who are committed to making Merry Go Round the best it possibly can be for nurturing our young children. We are committed to creating a positive, team environment where our staff feel valued, enabled to grow and to reach their full potential. We are constantly looking at ways of supporting staff professional development with relevant training opportunities so that they can best support our little people in line with the Merry Go Round values.

As an independent, charity-run preschool we cannot operate without our committee of hardworking, volunteer parents (both past and present).  The committee are responsible for the regulatory, administrative and financial processes of Merry Go Round, as well as organising a number of fundraising and social events throughout the year.

When a child joins Merry Go Round their parents or carers are encouraged to play an active role in shaping the preschool, by contributing their time, skills or experience in a variety of ways.  This could be as a committee member, by contributing to a fundraising event or participating in a community work day. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch with Rosie our Chair, either in person or by email -

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